In Indonesia, our journey began when Etiqa completed the acquisition of a local insurance company PT. Asuransi Asoka Mas back in 2017.

Between 2017 – 2019 Asuransi Asoka Mas has undergone rapid transformation to become PT. Asuransi Etiqa Internasional Indonesia. Our promise and vision is to bring the Etiqa way to Indonesia, which is to emphasize on humanizing insurance by placing people over policies.

Our main focus is to develop our core products and services and its delivery to you by using technology as the enabler.

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Board of Director

Drs. Tanto Sudiro Acting President Director
Prayugi Director
Fazlur Azmi Bin Abdul Malik Technical Director
Mohd Noor Bin Osman Finance Director
Ghulam Hussain Bin Mahmud Khan Marketing Director

Board of Commissioner

Kamaludin Bin Ahmad President Commissioner
Siti Nita Zuhra Commissioner
Endra Raharja Masagung Commissioner
Andy Wardhana Independent Commissioner
Wijayanto Independent Commissioner
Adie Poernomo Widjaya Independent Commissioner
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